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Transitioning from a monogamous to consensually non-monogamous relationship

What we want from relationships and how we get our needs met is changing. With so much more information out there and accessible about how a relationship can ‘look’ which is different to the ‘marry young, have kids, die old together’ narrative, there has been a significant increase in people questioning what it is they really want from a romantic or intimate relationship. Consensual non-monogamy can look like being in a committed relationship with a partner with whom you are already married and having other partners you spend time with regularly. It can be bringing another person or people into the relationship and living together. It could be exploring various sexual encounters such as swinging, threesomes and other group dynamics. These are just some of the ways some people express their consensually non-monogamous nature. There are many terms used in this lifestyle and there is overlap too with what they mean that many disagree on the actual definition. So rather than labelling what you are looking for, I advocate communicating clearly what you want. As long as it’s consensual and respectful of everyone’s boundaries, you get to make up your own rules!


This is for people who:

  • Are questioning their current relationship dynamic but not sure what the options are and still want to be with their current partner

  • Have already decided they want to open up but not sure what it will ‘look like’

  • Want to work on their inner-child which may show up in ways of jealousy, resentment, feeling neglected, etc

  • Want to explore their attachment style in relation to their current relationship and how that might show up in dating

  • Are navigating dating sites and keep getting matched with people who misunderstand what they’re looking for

  • Want to take more responsibility for their own actions and behaviours in their relationship in relation to emotions that come up

Working together you will be empowered to:

  • Communicate boundaries and expectations clearly to limit misunderstanding between yourself and partners

  • Get clear on what it is you would like the relationship to ‘look like’

  • Have the conversation with your current partner about your desires

  • Recognise thought patterns and behaviours which may impact on your relationships and empower you to use tools to support yourself in the process

  • Be radically responsible for how you show up in all your intimate relationships

  • Communicate in a non-violent way

  • Explain clearly and coherently with potential dates and encounters exactly what you are looking for

  • Discover your essence and how to show up authentically


Package information and investment can be found in my Compatibility Call Form by clicking 'YES PLEASE!' below.

There is an application process to work with me. Results are important to me so I want to ensure that those who hire me are committed emotionally and with their time. ​

Compatibility calls are free. If you would like to try coaching before buying a full package, please reach out and let me know, pay per sessions are available.

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