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Vision & Values

What is my intention with the people I work with, what is my ‘why'?


I want for people to…

  • See each other’s traumas and struggles and continue to show love and compassion for each other’s stories and experience

  • Access joy, pleasure, aliveness as a form of self-care and self-worth

  • Reflect - self-inquiry, self-awareness

  • Be able to hold themselves and process (with support if they need it) their own pain

  • Recognise that we are all already whole human beings and we are returning home to that fact

  • Recognise that we must treat each other with kindness and free from projection where possible, while remaining authentic and in our truth and all the while understanding that we are not responsible for other people’s emotions or behaviour

  • Feel empowered, capable and self-responsible

  • Build a bridge between men and women where in so many relationships and interactions there is a divide

  • Release the conditioning around their sexuality which has them feeling trapped, shut down and in shame

  • Connect to and express their emotions in a healthy way

Values for my business:

  • Come from a place of integrity for myself and my clients


  • Be honest about how I can and can’t help people (including refer if necessary) 


  • Explain what is required regarding time and commitment to achieve a desire/goal


  • Have boundaries for myself, my time and my value 


  • Understand that everyone is always doing their best with the resources they have


  • Ask myself ‘what does my client need?’


  • Ensure that clients can afford my work and aren’t getting into financial difficulties to work with me (so refer or propose a course/workshop)


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