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Women have been conditioned to believe that they aren't sexual. The research and the women's sexual empowerment movement is proving this to be wrong. Women are sexual, they want to connect to pleasure, but what prevents us is the fear of how we may be perceived. This fear can be a conscious fear or it can show up in other ways such as struggling to orgasm or not being able to really let go in the bedroom. Whatever might be showing up for you, your relationship to your sexuality has no doubt taken a hit from social conditioning and previously unsupportive partners. Come home to yourself and your authentic expression of your sexuality.

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Wanting a profound connection to a man and not knowing how to access that or choosing the wrong men over and over again - eurgh. Wanting to express your emotions and how you feel but the fear of sounding needy or of being abandoned. Women have been brought up to 'shut up' and be a 'good girl' and what this has created is women who are struggling to show love for themselves and unsure how to show love to their partners. Intimacy, connection and love can be difficult for women to connect to within themselves. Once you have learnt to do so, this transforms into a self-confidence in how you relate to others. Reconnect to lost parts of yourself and return to wholeness.

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Being in a relationship can give you a certain amount of security. However, you can sometimes be left not really understanding your partner. You have needs but don't know what they are or how to express them. You can feel resentful when things don't go the way you would like and you aren't feeling considered. You may feel that sometimes you aren't valued in your relationship and if you have children you may feel like you are doing it all alone. It can feel like you're drifting apart. Get clear on your relationship values and how you want to show up for your partner and learn to ask them how you would like them to support you too.

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