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1-1 Coaching For Women


Feeling bored with what's on offer sexually?

Have you disconnected from your desire for sex and would prefer to watch TV or drink a cup of tea?

Do you lack confidence in the bedroom and feel clunky and embarrassed?

Is there a knowing deep within you that there is more to sex than what is on offer, you don't know what it is - but want to find out?


Experience pleasure, aliveness and feel sexy!


Do you find you find yourself choosing the same type of man over and again and being let down?

Do you doubt yourself and your ability to find love?

In your personal life do you find yourself meeting the needs of everyone around you before your own?


Feeling the pressure to be a 'good girl' which has resulted in you struggling to show love for yourself and unsure how to show love to your partner?

Experience the deepest love for yourself, attract amazing men who adore you, walk with embodied sass!


Do you feel like you are in a relationship with a child rather than an adult?

Are you sick of getting into cycles of blame?

Do you feel that your partner doesn't understand you and seems distant and uninterested in you?


Are you both finding it difficult to communicate and you feel like you are nagging or needy?

Experience physical and emotional intimacy, feel seen, loved and heard in your relationship!

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