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Couples: Connection & Intimacy

This package is for couples who...
  • Have lost their way in physical touch and would like to learn to reconnect

  • Who want to learn communication techniques for greater vulnerability, intimacy and connection

  • Are stuck in a cycle of asking and rejecting around sex and don’t know how to get out of it

  • Want to open up a discourse about where they are at in their relationship and intimacy in a container that feels safe and held

  • Would like to use their sexual energy and turn on in non-sexual ways

  • Want to reignite their passion and desire for each other

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What is included...
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  • It is a total of 10 session divided up as 7 sessions as a couple and 3 individual sessions 

  • Sessions are done on Zoom and all activities are an invitation meaning you can do as much or as little as you like

  • Communication exercises for vulnerability and to feel fully witnessed in your relationship

  • Intimate practices such as eye-gazing and soul-gazing to see your partner with a new gaze

  • Breathwork practices to connect to the sensations in your body for the purpose of trusting yourself and being with your inner-experience

  • Touch practices to reframe what it means to share physical connection

  • Non-sexual genital massage as a healing modality for both people to remove the sexual goals of orgasm (for women) and erection (for men) and learn to honour each other’s bodies in a sacred way

  • Sensuality practices to heighten your experiences with the senses 

  • Working with the chakra system as a means of manifestation and connection to inner-healing 

  • Exploring your wild and primal selves to connect to the animal and instinctual self so that you can learn to fully let go

  • Exploring valley and full body orgasms so you can begin to experience your full capacity for pleasure 

The Practicalities

 As part of my further training in Sex, Love & Relationships there are a series of practices that I have been trained in to guide couples to enable them to access a deeper connection and intimacy in their relationship. These sessions are part of my certification requirements and for this reason they are heavily discounted from my normal packages.


Sessions are held on Zoom and you are welcome to have your camera and microphone off if this enables you to drop into the experience in a deeper way.

To learn more about this opportunity you can book a call and discuss further your goals and desires.


NORMAL INVESTMENT: £1500 for a package of 10 sessions. 


INVESTMENT AS PRACTICE CLIENT: £500 for a package of 10 sessions.

Like what I do and want to support my learning?  You can buy me a book here
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