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Couples: Connection & Intimacy

This journey is for couples who...
  • Have lost their way in physical touch and would like to learn to reconnect

  • Who want to learn communication techniques for greater vulnerability, intimacy and connection

  • Are stuck in a cycle of asking and rejecting around sex and don’t know how to get out of it

  • Feel distant and like friends rather than lovers

  • Want to reignite their passion and desire for each other

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How you will feel...
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  • ​Experience vulnerability and feel fully witnessed in your relationship

  • Deepen intimacy and see your partner in a new way

  • Connected to your sensations and trusting yourself to be with your inner-experience

  • Emotional and physical connection at a profound level

  • Experience pleasure, ecstasy and joy in your sexual encounters and no longer focused on a 'goal'

  • Heightened connection to the senses

  • More connected to your wild and primal selves so that you can learn to fully let go

  • Exploring different types of orgasms so you can begin to experience your full capacity for pleasure 

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As seen on Channel 4

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