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Information on events. workshops and retreats online or in-person can be found here.

Some events I organise myself, others I am a guest or invited to collaborate. Details about each event, who is hosting and how to book can be found on this page.


More online events for men and women coming soon. Please subscribe to my biweekly/monthly newsletter to be informed when the next events are available for booking. If you are looking for online self-led programs, please see Head With Heart: Empowering Self-Love & Connection Through Fellatio and The Sacred Cock.

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The Sex Lectures

Manchester UK

Coming soon: September, October, November, December 2023

In these intimate and connecting evenings, speakers with unique and cutting-edge views will share their ideas in 6 thought-provoking 12-minute talks. The talks range from modern sex education to musings on the mystery of erotic encounters. Carla Crivaro is co-creator of the The Sex Lectures along with the founder, Ali Pilling. You can watch Carla's previous talk The Search For Inner-Power here.

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Boundaries & Consent

Nottingham, UK - Saturday 7th October

Would you like to communicate better with your partner, trust your NO and create a safer environment? 

Practising with boundaries and consent helps us become more comfortable and establish trust in intimate interactions.

We will explore various tools for discovering and expressing your boundaries, how they feel in the body, and how to navigate situations when you’re not sure. We’ll also talk about the factors that may impact your boundaries at different times.

Conscious Playfighting

Manchester, UK - Friday 6th October

Nottingham, UK - Saturday 7th October

Bristol, UK, - Sunday 8th October

Playfighting is a great way to learn boundaries and consent while having fun. Mammals as part of their socialisation and wellbeing are created for play. When was the last time you allowed yourself the opportunity to play? Read my article here on my experience with play fighting.  Use code 'carla' for £5 off your booking!

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Women's Circles

In your area of the UK

Monthly Meetings

Are you longing to heal your sisterhood wounds? To relate to women from a place of collaboration instead of competition? To show up as you are and be loved? To have permission to shine your light so you can give other women permission to shine theirs? Then join us monthly at our women's circles in your area of the UK. Leave your email and post code and when a space becomes available in your area of the UK, we'll let you know. 

More in-person events for men and women coming soon. Please subscribe to my biweekly/monthly newsletter to be informed when the next events are available for booking.


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