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I support businesses in their staff enrichment with workshops, day retreats and events with the main focus on:

  • Consent

  • Boundaries

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Healthy Masculinity 

  • Female Sexual Empowerment

I am available to give talks to business leaders on the topic:

"The impact of sexual function and sexual satisfaction on the work environment and work productivity"

I can present to HR departments, boards and professionals on the above topics, collaborating sometimes with business, wellness and career coaches.

In April 2023 I co-authored and delivered a White Paper to the House of Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle on New Frontiers in Workplace Productivity: The Impact of Sexual Function and Sexual Satisfaction on the Work Environment  and Productivity which can be read here.

Unique Ladies Carla Crivaro

I am a guest feature writer, and I’m regularly interviewed and a speaker about the above topics as well as: 

  • The Forgotten Father

  • The mother and son dynamic in a relationship, what it is and how to overcome it

  • Consciously transitioning from monogamy to non-monogamy

  • Identifying unsupportive patterns in dating and breaking them to bring in the relationship you desire

  • Anxiety and its effect on authentically expressing yourself in sex, love and relationships and how to work through it

  • Importance of boundaries and consent in up levelling your sex life, and if you’re already partnered as a step towards emotional intimacy

  • Returning to the body and healing one’s sexuality to magnetise the right people in your life and call in a life which brings you joy

  • The shadow self, self-sabotage and blocks when working towards a desire in sex, love and relationships

  • Working somatically from an anxious attachment style to secure attachment style


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To watch, listen and read where I have been a guest or speaker on podcasts, YouTube channels or online content you can do so in the section 'Articles, Videos & Podcasts' of my website.

Please direct enquiries for collaborations for your business, speaking opportunities or media enquiries to, stating the name of the organisation; date/deadline of interview/article; topic to be covered; audience/participant demographic.

Curious to know your relationship to yourself, other people and your sexuality?

Hit the button below to self-assess your boundaries; relationship to emotions and sex; your desires and many more questions. The form will be emailed out to you once you hit 'submit'.


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