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I support businesses in identifying those people who may be suffering in silence in their home life by bringing awareness of the issue of ‘presenteeism’ and how that can actually have a damaging effect on a a colleague’s productivity and mental health.


I am an advocate for men and create awareness in getting access to support for the trauma they can experience being present at the birth of their child and how they can become isolated in their family when they become a parent. This phenomenon I have named as ‘The Forgotten Father’.

I support women in fully connecting to their sexuality as a way to reconnect to their inner-power in response to the centuries of control women have experienced of their sexual and reproductive habits.


I present to HR departments, boards and professionals on the above topics, collaborating sometimes with business, wellness and career coaches.

Unique Ladies Carla Crivaro

I am a guest feature writer, and I’m regularly interviewed and a speaker about the above topics as well as: 

  • The Forgotten Father

  • The mother and son dynamic in a relationship, what it is and how to overcome it

  • Consciously transitioning from monogamy to non-monogamy

  • Identifying unsupportive patterns in dating and breaking them to bring in the relationship you desire

  • Anxiety and its effect on authentically expressing yourself in sex, love and relationships and how to work through it

  • Importance of boundaries and consent in up levelling your sex life, and if you’re already partnered as a step towards emotional intimacy

  • Returning to the body and healing one’s sexuality to magnetise the right people in your life and call in a life which brings you joy

  • The shadow self, self-sabotage and blocks when working towards a desire in sex, love and relationships

  • Working somatically from an anxious attachment style to secure attachment style

Please direct enquiries on collaborations for your business, speaking opportunities or media enquiries to hello@carlacrivaro.com, stating the name of the organisation; date/deadline of interview/article; topic to be covered; audience demographic.

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Article: Tappy Toes Blog

I was invited by Claire Munday the founder of Tappy Toes to write a feature article for their blog around the phenomenon The Forgotten Father. The main points are written succinctly in this guest article.

Podcast: Find Your Feminine Fire 

Amanda Testa works with mothers and invited me onto her show to talk about The Forgotten Father so that women can be more aware of this phenomenon that they may see or experience from their partner.

Podcast: Getting Intimate
Getting Intimate Podcast

Azaria and I talk about what the transition from monogamy to non-monogamy looks like in a healthy relationship.

Podcast: Sexytherhappy
Sexytherhappy_Podcast Thumbail - Option 1-06.png

In this interview, Angélique and I discuss non-monogamy.

Podcast: Talkin' About Midlife
talkin about midlife carla crivaro.png

Kellie and I discussed the trauma that men can experience being present at a birth. The Mother & Son dynamic and men's hormones after a birth.

Podcast: Bold Enough

On Neha's podcast we discussed how anxiety affects our relationships with ourselves, our partners and our children. We looked at what anxiety is somatically and how it can affect our access to pleasure.

Podcast: Learn To Love
Carla Crivaro.png

Nicky and I talk about how you might be showing your partner love but they might have a different language of love to yours. I also talk about how our childhoods can affect our dating patterns.

Podcast: Gritty Growing Up
sexual consent and boundaries.PNG

Nicky and I talk about the importance of teaching our children consent and boundaries from a really young age and why it's never too late to start.

Older media presence
YouTube: Authentic Heart Coaching

Angela asks about my experience of opening up my relationship with my husband and why we chose to explore this side of ourselves.

Podcast: Let's Go Brandon Green
Let's Go Brandon Green.webp

Brandon interviews me about how to open up your relationship and the problems with sex after becoming a parent.

Podcast: Chatting with Breland
Breland Podcast.jpeg

I introduce Breland to the concept of The Forgotten Father. Breland also gets curious about my non-monogamous life.

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