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I’m really excited to announce my Community Coaching Container - one for MEN and a separate space for WOMEN.

It's really important for me that we find spaces where we can show up as our authentic selves. Spaces where we we can feel accepted for everything we are. Most of us show up wearing various masks that we put on depending on the social situation or role we find ourselves in. That means our nervous system can feel on high alert or maybe we are completely detached from what we are feeling and experiencing. We never really feel an element of being able to relax into the here and now. The Community Coaching Container (CCC) is a space where you will be able to be witnessed in any struggles you are experiencing and living though right now. The CCC is also a place where you can celebrate small or large 'wins' from your day or week. It's a place to come and support and witness other people who are likely going through a similar experience, one you identify with or maybe something completely different to you and it just gives you access to hear other people's lived experiences.

What you will gain from the CCC is a sense of being in community, of feeling fully seen, of having a group to which you feel you belong. If you have question you would like to bring to the group or would like to experience a mini-coaching session as a way to get clarification that will be available to you too. Each week is different depending on who shows up that week and what area of discussion we flow into.

If you're ready do join click the 'SOUNDS GREAT, I'M IN' button below.

Why am I choosing this format and not simply creating a Facebook Group?​

As many of you know, I have come off social media due to the censorship. I found that social media consumed a lot of my time due to creating content but also continuously checking to see if there had been replies so that I could continue to create a sense of community. I felt it was draining and I wasn’t getting to know my community well enough. And I felt that you all saw and connected to a 2D version of me. I wanted to maintain the connection but felt it was an uphill battle.

So! Enter the Community Coaching Container!! I have created one for men and a separate one for women.


Each container will take place weekly if the day and time doesn't suit you then please let me know days and times which do so that when I have enough to fill a new group I can create one at a new day and time. The links to the call any information you need to know will be posted via my newsletter, so make sure you have on your contacts list! As a side note, my email list goes out every 2 to 4 weeks I respect your inbox boundaries.

On some calls, due to my own holiday leave or because I see the value, I may ask a colleague to host the call so you get wider variety of experience and knowledge!

It sounds great! If I come along do I have to be coached?

There is no requirement to be coached. You are welcome to come along and just 'be' part of the community. You are welcome to just watch and listen and learn more about what I do and the type of goals other people have. You're welcome to witness those who are being coached. Everything within the container is an invitation and you can be as active or as passive in the community as you want.

So what will this container ‘look like’?

It will be an ‘open door’ type of opportunity where during the 30 minute time slot you can come in and feel a part of the community of other men or women, be witnessed in your experiences if you decide to share, be coached by me if you wish. It’s an opportunity to hang out and know that you aren’t the only ones going through this. I think social media has created a new way of creating community and connecting but one that's also very limited. The reason being is that when we ask a question or leave a reply, we can wait a long time before someone acknowledges it. In the meantime it can feel quite lonely.

The way that I see this container is like being in a Facebook Group but with more intimacy and in the moment interaction bringing us together in support of each other. So as I'm replacing my social media content which was free, with this new community space, the Community Coaching Container will also be free.

Why is it free?

Because the time and energy I will put into these calls is considerably less time than the free content and interactions I spent on social media and with a totally higher value for you! It will be an opportunity to experience my content and my work in community in the same way I was doing in social media, but this is 'in-person' over video conference. Social media is created to keep you there and like many of us, I would find myself scrolling and losing time interacting when I could have been more productive and making a difference elsewhere.

Do I need to be a client to benefit?

You do not need to be a client currently with me nor a past client to access this and there is no obligation to become a client in the future. This container is also open to past and current clients. It is open to any man or woman who wants to feel part of a community, to explore their sexuality, explore their love for themselves and for others, and to learn how to create an authentic relationship.

How do I join this community?

To automatically join the community subscribe to my newsletter below clicking 'I WANT TO JOIN THE FREE COMMUNITY'.

This community is available for those of you subscribed to my newsletter which comes out every 2 to 4 weeks.

Before joining the call, please read the conditions of the container, my limitations in this environment and also your responsibilities as participants, which can be found here on my website

Thank you for joining!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

With Love & Pleasure 


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