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Make dating more fun, enjoyable and get what you want

Whether you’re looking for long term commitment, something more temporary or even marriage and children, getting clear on your needs in dating is essential in attracting the right partner for you. With much of the dating world online, how you ‘market’ yourself, who you swipe ‘right’ to and how you then choose to interact with the profile in front of you will determine your success from the start. Many of us find that we end up going from one heartbreak or disappointment to the next. The person in front of us seems to change and wasn’t who they said they were. Each interaction can leave us feeling ‘less than’ and frustrated and that there actually might be something wrong with us. Dating doesn’t need to be like that. With my support it can be fun, interesting and you can meet some truly amazing people along the way who can become a life long partner if that’s what you’re looking for or a great friendship if you are looking to keep things more casual. There are so many possibilities! With my coaching and the amount of people on the planet, your next successful date is just around the corner.

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This is for men or women who:

  • Feel like they are stuck in the same dating patterns and cycles. It’s the same ‘stuff’ just a different person

  • Are sick of dating because it feels like one let down after another

  • Have low self-love and self-esteem issues and don’t feel lucky in love

  • Always feel that the power of choice comes from the other person and feel disempowered in dating

  • Find themselves people-pleasing and self-abandoning to hang onto people that show any sign of interest

  • Never seem to fancy the ‘nice’ guy or gal

  • Constantly feeling not ‘good enough’, ‘attractive enough’, ‘loveable’, etc

Working together you will be empowered to:

  • Increase your self-love to magnetise a partner who is worthy of you

  • Work through subconscious and unconscious blockages and stop self-sabotaging your dating

  • Heal past wounds from exes so you aren’t carrying old baggage around with you

  • Learn how to create and maintain boundaries so you can get the interaction off to a good and respectful start

  • Learn how to receive and not always be giving so your needs can be met too

  • Effectively communicate so you aren’t wasting your time on dating apps

  • Notice the red flags of dating to avoid people who display toxic behaviours

  • Get clear about the values that are important to you in a relationship

  • Discover your essence and how to show up authentically


Package information and investment can be found in my Compatibility Call Form by clicking 'I'M READY TO DATE' below.

There is an application process to work with me. Results are important to me so I want to ensure that those who hire me are committed emotionally and with their time. 

Compatibility calls are free. If you would like to try coaching before buying a full package, please reach out and let me know, pay per sessions are available.

Curious to know your relationship to yourself, other people and your sexuality?

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