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Reignite your sexual fire after parenthood

An introduction to the phenomenon I like to call 'The Forgotten Father'.

When you first got with your partner you received lots of affection. You would be the centre of her world or at least very close to it. Then you have children and everything seems to change. You feel on the fringes, not good enough at being a partner, not good enough at being a father and your constant rejections when you make sexual advances eventually wear out your self-esteem. You feel lonely, undesirable and like you have 'lost' something. With my support you can be peel back the conditioning which has enveloped your ability to communicate effectively with your partner. With guidance you will know how to ask for what you want and feel prepared for any answer that might come back at you. Now is the time for you to reclaim the sexual part of you, find the intimacy in your relationship and tune into self-love.

Father and Son

This is for the fathers who:

  • Feel rejected by their partner since their child(ren) arrived due to continuous refusal when attempting to initiate sex

  • Are struggling with fear around their relationship

  • Feel like they’re walking on egg shells

  • Do whatever their partner wants from them to avoid confrontation

  • Are struggling with intimacy with their partner

  • Feel ‘disconnected’ from their partner and miss the affection

  • Not sure what their ‘role’ is in their children’s lives or with a partner and fear they are 'not enough'

  • Feel ‘mothered’ by their partner

Working together you will be empowered to:

  • Listen to your partner so she feels seen and witnessed

  • Learn to place boundaries about how you want to be spoken to

  • Return to self-love from an embodied place to increase your self-esteem in your relationship and as a father

  • Express your emotions so that your partner feels more connected to you

  • Be radically responsible for yourself and in your relationship with your partner

  • Work with your inner-child so they don’t show up in matters of the heart or sex

  • Become more consciously aware of patterns in your thoughts and behaviours so you can break the cycle

  • Discover your essence and how to show up authentically

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