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Moving from anxiety to a life of trust, joy and peace

The heaviness in the chest that screams for attention. The constriction in the throat. Thoughts racing. Not able to stay still. The feeling of needing to escape and get away. Feeling like the world around you and even the body itself is unsafe. Possibly turning to social media to distract yourself from what you’re feeling… 

Welcome to anxiety. Some of us experience anxiety on the odd occasion in a situation that’s a little out of the ordinary. Some of us only in certain situations such as social anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety, sexual performance anxiety, etc. Some of us live in a constant state of anxiety where everyone and everything feels threatening.

Anyone who has experienced anxiety will agree that it is felt in the body. The mind can catch up with thoughts which can be intrusive or keep you in a loop. However, what is most uncomfortable, even frightening, is the feeling in the body, of needing to get away.

Anxiety can impact our lives in so many different ways and everyone who experiences it does so differently. It can affect how we relate to our bodies, trusting our ‘gut feelings’, how we relate to other people, how we perceive situations (often some or many situations can appear almost threatening). It can affect how well we are able to relax and be in the moment, how present or mindful we are able to be.

Many people who struggle with anxiety are looking to control a certain part of their lives or even all of it due to a perceived fear or risk. In our coaching we will work through the anxiety and then tune into what you truly desire and start living a life full of trust, joy and peace.


This is for people who:

  • Don’t feel safe in their bodies and have a need to want to ‘run away’ when they are experiencing anxiety

  • Find their thoughts racing and end up in a ‘loop’ keeping them stuck in negative thought patterns and in some instances ‘catastrophising’

  • Tend to dissociate from strong emotions and are afraid of ‘feeling’ fear, sadness, worry, etc

  • Feel overwhelmed by certain situations or even all the time

  • Have porous boundaries and people-please or self-abandon which then leads to feelings of invalidation or being ‘wrong’

  • Don’t trust the decisions they make and second guess themselves

  • Struggle to communicate their needs with others 

  • Feel shame and embarrassed about opening up about what they are really feeling emotionally

  • Feel the need to excessively control certain or all aspects of their life for fear of the ‘consequences’


Working together you will be empowered to:

  • Learn how to work with the anxiety and to dissipate it so you can connect to your emotions

  • Set clear boundaries with others and yourself so that your nervous system experiences empowerment

  • Communicate more effectively how you are feeling from a place of self-responsibility

  • Advocate for yourself and learn to ask for what you need emotionally

  • Trust yourself and your decisions

  • Work with strong emotions so they no longer frighten you

  • Identify what your needs are and communicate them

  • Feel safe in your body and begin to trust your intuition

  • Express your emotions physically and verbally to allow the energy to be released and not get ‘stuck’

  • Discover your essence and how to show up authentically


Package information and investment can be found in my Compatibility Call Form by clicking 'I'M READY TO LIVE IN TRUST, JOY & PEACE' below.


There is an application process to work with me. Results are important to me so I want to ensure that those who hire me are committed emotionally and with their time. 

Compatibility calls are free. If you would like to try coaching before buying a full package, please reach out and let me know as you can pay per session.

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