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Men Are Not The Enemy

A Group Coaching Program for Women who want Better Relationships with Men

What is your relationship like to men?
Do you have the desire to go deeper?


I'm speaking to you if one or more of these is true for you...

  • ​If you try to fix or change something about the men in your life

  • You’re dating and you are finding yourself attracting the same type of man


  • If you are in a relationship, you’re frustrated with the changes YOU have made and see yourself as the one leading in all areas of your relationship and want your man to sometimes take the lead


  • You have slipped into roles where you feel like more his mother and he is showing less interest in you/children/the relationship


  • You find yourself not having many meaningful relationships with men


  • You’re finding men are ‘only’ interested in your sexual nature and at a superficial level only​


  • You find yourself frequently exasperated and disappointed by men

  • You have strong desires in sex which are not being met and in fact he is not listening

Up-level your relationship to men in a 6 week group coaching container.

A male client who was speaking to a colleague about me:

“He feels you aren’t unbalanced. He found himself in the past in a situation where the coach was always against him somehow and not seeing his side. He’s a very sensitive person and not macho. So he’s very happy about the work with you.”

My ex-husband about me:

“I don’t know any women who understand men and the male experience as well as you.”

David Chambers

(@the authentic man_)

“The work that Carla is doing is vital to bring more understanding between men and women. Too often, men sit with men complaining about women, and women sit with women complaining about men. Carla, through her work, is bridging that gap so we can understand each other's desires, fears and needs. And this provides the tools that are needed to create, not only strongly bonded relationships but also passionate sex lives.”

Not confronting the patterns you have now, are preventing you from truly seeing the men in front of you.

Which in turn stops them from fully seeing YOU!

This program is not for everyone
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Be expected to:

  • Face yourself and shadow parts

  • Unlock hidden parts of yourself and become even more intimate with them

  • Be lovingly challenged on how you are showing up

  • Be lovingly challenged on how your stories around men are actually holding you back

  • Unlearn and unravel the conditioning around masculinity, male sexuality and the male experience.

Do you have the exasperated idea that "all men are the same"?

When a friend shares her woes in her love life do you find yourself responding in exclamation with the word "men!"?

How you view men is possibly holding you back from having a deeper connection to them.

This is for you if you want to...

  • Offer men compassion without enabling unhealthy behaviour

  • Have a deeper level of connection and intimacy with men

  • Stay in your power, you don’t subscribe to ‘polarity’ teachings of having to be passive, but still want men to not feel intimidated by you 

  • Feel safe around men

  • Trust men rather than feeling used or searching for ulterior motives in their behaviour

  • Enable men share their emotional world with you without them shutting down or withdrawing

There is an interview process to join to ensure that this is the container for you and to understand where your current struggles are in your relationships with men.
This program is bespoke to the women who join.

The women chosen to be a part will share similar patterns so that you will have reflected back to you through the others, parts which you might be denying in yourself

Led by Carla Crivaro

Carla's journey is one from anti-man feminist going from one failed relationship to the next feeling wounded and frustrated by men, to becoming a men's advocate in women's spaces, speaking out about how patriarchy is damaging our men, coining the term The Forgotten Father and re-educating women on male sexuality, masculinity and the male experience.

How would you finish the statement 'men are...'?
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