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I have always been an avid reader. Especially on topics that really capture my attention and imagination. My friends say I become a ‘mini-expert’ in whatever it might be that gathered my interest. Aside from the learning, everything I suggest to clients are tools and modalities that I have tried myself, with peers or are the direct experience of a trusted ‘leader in the field’. I have benefitted from these tools and turning my life round - from a woman on the edge and unable to cope with the simple things in life (getting the children ready to meet friends would have me in tears and overwhelmed), to an empowered woman, finding her turn on and opening her own business with an international reach.

It took work, dedication and a lot of discomfort.  I’m still on the path. Unravelling, discovering, peeling back the layers of conditioning that show up in every new step I take forward. The difference is I now can sit in the discomfort and can work through it and I also recognise the value of asking for help when I need it.

I am certified in the VITA™ Coaching method. The VITA™ coaching training is a trauma-informed, 12 month course and over 650 hours' worth of training. Four months of which were exploring and working through my own conditioning, trauma, patterns and behaviour in relation to sex, love and relationships. To be certified it required giving 30 hours of practicums and receiving 30 hours of coaching and I had to do 35 hours of coaching of outside clients.

To learn more about this method read my Coaching Method page.

Due to the quantity of men looking for support I took further training with Kamawellness, from its founder Cam Fraser one of the world's leading men's sex coaches, to do further training in Sacred Sexuality coaching for men. This 300 hour training spanning almost 12 months with continuous monthly support, has enabled me to delve deeper into the main concerns men have around their masculinity and sexuality. The training has also contributed to me deepening further the relationships with the men in my life.

So from my training and how I live my life you could say I like to 'practice what I preach'. It isn’t enough to fill our heads with information. To make lasting changes which empower us from the nervous system out, it’s essential to actually put into practice the tools proposed. We need to embody a new life.

To work with me I request first that you complete a Compatibility Form. This ensures that I’m working with people who really want to put in the commitment to see changes in their life. The change comes from within. My talent is in tapping into the light that you already have and shining it back at you for you to see. What you do with that light is up to you. Working with those who are dedicated to heading into the depths of their conditioning and blockages is a huge inspiration to me and drives my passion in supporting people to reach their desires in sex, love and relationships. To apply to work with me send an email to


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