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Professional Referrals

Refer A Client

Refer a client to a coaching package and receive a 10% commission. 

*Please see terms and conditions below

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you in the next few days about the referral.

Terms & Conditions

Coach: Carla Crivaro,


“Referee” - the person recommending, suggesting, referring a client to the Coach, named above.


“Client” - client, friend, family member, colleague or any other person the referee refers to the Coach to become a client of the Coach. Client is referring to an individual coming for support or a couple.


“Coach” - the person undertaking the Coaching named above.


“Coaching Package” - the 1-1 services The Coach provides to the Client. They relate to coaching sessions which are grouped into more than 1 session. Packages must be at least 3 months to qualify for commission.

"Start Date" - the date which the electronic communication is sent referring a Client which must include their full name and email address.


1. General terms

1.1 This Agreement is between the Referee and the Coach.


1.2 Through this Agreement, The Coach commits to pay a referral fee to the Referee for any client that they bring to the Coach that uses the Coach’s services for Coaching Packages only.


1.3 “Bring to me” - that the Referee or Client communicates to the Coach via email, sms, the form on this page, or other electronic written means that the Coach was recommended to the Client.


1.4 This agreement is only in relation to 1-1 coaching and not other services and/or products the Coach may or may not decide to promote, offer or sell in the future.


1.5 This Agreement is valid alone and not in conjunction with any other agreements the Coach and Referee may or may not agree upon in the future.


1.6 If the Coach is unable to take on the referral Client due to illness, time constraints or other potential problems which may arise, the Coach will contact the Referee to let them know so the Referee can give the Client the option to be referred elsewhere. In this situation the Referee will not be paid a referral fee.


1.7 It is the Referee’s responsibility to ensure the Coach has received messages or emails pertaining to the referral of a Client. When the Coach sees written referrals and communication the Coach will reply in writing to inform the Referee that communication has been received.


2. Length of agreement

2.1 This agreement begins on the date under ‘start date’ at the top of this Agreement for the Client that is referred. Each new Client has a new start date.


2.2 This Agreement is valid for as long as the Referee continues to refer Clients and until the time that the Coach decides to no longer offer a commission on referral.



3. Payment Terms

3.1 If the Client contacts the Coach with the name of the person after the ‘end date’ of this Agreement and coaching has already begun then the terms of this Agreement no longer apply and the Referee will not be paid a referral fee.


3.2 The Coach will pay the Referee 10% of the total amount that the Coach receives in their bank account from the Client. ‘Total received’ refers to amounts in the bank account after any deductions from bank charges, credit card fees or other charges from payment transfers.


3.3 Payment will be made at the end of the Coaching Package under the terms of this Agreement.


3.4 If the Client or the Coach cancels the package that has been paid for, or if there is a cancellation during the Coaching Package and the Client requests a refund, the Coach will pay 10% of the amount that the Coach has received for all sessions completed. This term is valid for whether the Client or the Coach cancels the Coaching Package.


3.5 Payments to the Referee will be made by bank transfer to a UK account in GBP. International payments will be made by Paypal using the friends and family option in GBP.


3.6 The Coach will inform the Referee within 72 hours of the Client completing their Coaching Package that the Client has finished and the Coach will also inform the Referee of the amount owed to the Referee.


3.7 Payments to the Referee will be made within 72 hours of the Referee communicating the Referee’s bank details. Excluding public holidays and weekends which do not count towards the 72 hours.


3.8 Payment is for each Client referred to the Coach by the Referee.


4. Terms of agreement

4.1 To be a Client for which the Coach will pay a referral fee; The Client needs to state in their initial contact with the Coach that the Referee has referred them; or, the Referee has to contact the Coach stating the name of the Client. ‘Initial contact’ means any exchange via email, video call or other medium up to the time they sign the contract and make payment. If the Coach is not made aware that the Client is a referral before the Client signs the contract and makes payment, then the Coach will not make payment for their referral.


4.2 If the client goes on to book another Coaching Package, course, workshop, retreat or any other product or service from the Coach they are not subject to the terms of this Agreement.


4.3 If the Client refers another person, they are not considered a referral of the Referee and not subject to the terms of this Agreement.


4.4 If the Client has already been in contact in anyway with the Coach regarding a Coaching Package, course, program, workshop, retreat or similar, the Client is not included in this Agreement.


5. Cancellation of agreement

5.1 The last day of this Agreement is at the end date, the Referee can choose to cancel it at anytime in writing to The opportunity to refer and receive commission may be withdrawn at anytime but any referrals made before this will be honoured.


6. Accept of terms

If the Referee accept these terms they must email, ensuring the Coach replies confirming receipt. 


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