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The Mother Wound

Build healthier relationships with women

Our caregivers have one of the hugest influences of the people we become as adults. Most of us had parents who carried wounding of the generation before and in their parenting carried those unhealthy patterns forward. For today’s modern man this can leave men struggling in their relationships with women. There isn’t a set ‘list of symptoms’ that men can experience if they require healing of their mother wound because every mother would have treated her son differently and therefore the young boy would have created individual coping strategies to ‘survive’ that relationship as a child. Unfortunately, if left unresolved these coping strategies can continue into adulthood and can manifest in ways such as: a lack of confidence in dating; frequently falling into relationships where they are emasculated; or, on the other hand have an undercurrent of not liking women; a fear of intimacy and getting too close to women; sexual issues which can, when left unresolved, be projected onto the women in their lives. This list isn’t exhaustive and not every man will identify with every aspect. However, when reading through this, you will know if this is relatable. It will be a sudden ‘aha’ moment followed by either anger or an automatic need to deny it within yourself.

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This is for men who:

  • Experience some elements of sexual dysfunction such as delayed ejaculation or difficulties ejaculating during certain sex acts or erectile disappointment are some examples

  • Are suspicious of women and their motives for being with them

  • Experience a loss of desire for their pregnant partner

  • May have a tendency to ‘victim blame’ women for their experiences of rape or assault or unrelated to sexual assault they may take the blame for situations which weren’t their fault

  • Experience a loss of sexual desire for a woman once they begin to have feelings for them

  • Are unable to state boundaries for fear of confrontation or abandonment

  • Don’t have any specific desires in their relationships with women

  • Don't feel ‘authentic’ in their relationship with women so they may find themselves resisting intimacy with women or on the other hand in relationships take on the ‘son’ role leading to feelings of being emasculated

  • May feel an underlying ‘tone’ of dislike or mistrust of women, this isn’t always conscious but behaviours can project these unconscious shadows

  • May find themselves attracted to women who shame and belittle their vulnerability

  • Find their relationship with their own mother either overly protective of her or feel extremely let down and detached from her


Working together you will be empowered to:

  • Re-parent your inner-child so that he does not project his wounding onto the women in his life

  • Build healthier relationships with women

  • Experience a healthy masculinity, one which feels empowered, grounded and is tender to receiving the softness of women

  • Express your emotions, needs and wants to create a greater intimacy with the women in your life

  • State boundaries so you feel confident to ask how you do and don’t want to be treated

  • Become self-aware of the stories that you hold about yourself and the women around you - conscious awareness is the first step to changing patterns and it’s an ongoing process

  • Work through sexual concerns with confidence

  • Change your relationship to shame so that you can move through situations with ease and without projection

  • Discover your essence and how to show up authentically



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