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Helping men and women understand themselves and each other, sexually and relationally, in and out of the bedroom
What does that look like?

Our sexuality is at the very heart of who we are as human beings. Social, religious and familial conditioning leave footprints on our soul and can affect our ability to tap into full body pleasure and have authentic relationships with ourselves and each other.

We learn to self-abandon and put other peoples's needs first and feel resentment.

We project our own fears and woundings onto those around us holding them responsible for how we feel.

Now is the opportunity to move into a new reality:

  • One where you can lovingly accept all of the parts of you that show up

  • One that no longer takes another person's behaviour 'personally'

  • One where you feel the freedom to ask for what you want in and out of the bedroom

  • One where you are able to dive into the depths of intimacy and hold yourself in any discomfort that arises from the vulnerability of being fully seen

  • One where you learn your body's full capacity for pleasure

  • One where you embody your orgasmic, confident and vibrant self

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If you are already clear on your desires and goals, organise your free compatibility call on the button below.

If you know that sex could be ‘better’ and/or your relationship could be ‘better’ but you don’t know what ‘better’ means for you (!), have a go at my self-assessment form to see the areas of your sex, love and relationships could do with some tweaking.



Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

Wife to one, mother to two and currently exploring relationships outside my marriage, my journey has been similar to most - although the destination somewhat different! Unconsciously meandering along in life ticking the ‘life stage’ boxes along the way, it wasn’t until a near mental health breakdown and going on a women’s retreat, did I begin to take control of my life. Accelerating my trauma healing from years of unhealthy patterns and behaviour I began to empower myself in changing my life, and in effect, changing the relationships around me. Having made a massive shift in my life in under 18 months, along with my training in the VITA coaching method I am ready to allow my light to shine and spark the flame of those around me. If you feel called to reignite the spark that was once there, or in some cases never was, then hit ‘reignite me’ below and let’s see how you can be the catalyst of your change, with me supporting you along the way.

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Jo Carter, Life Coach
Wife And Mother

The exercises were a great framework for me to recognise beliefs I didn’t realise were getting in my way. If I didn’t get the insight using one tool, Carla had loads of other ways of helping me to access my inner wisdom. Carla is knowledgeable, compassionate, and open-minded. The perfect person to explore and challenge deeply help beliefs I had kept hidden, even from myself.

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Patrick, Web Designer
Divorced Father

Carla allowed me deeper to sit with my 'negative' emotions and feel them rather than tuck them away and exchange them for something more light hearted. This has already changed certain issues I have been dealing with since the sessions together which has allowed me to 'feel more'. In return this has made deaing with certain situations easier for me.

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Jen, Relationship Coach
Wife And Mother

Carla makes you feel heard, seen and supported. She has a way of hearing what's not being said and reflecting it back in a way that provides much needed clarity. She's also brilliant at seeing the action steps you need to get from where you are to where you want to be and sharing them in a way that makes them easy to implement and follow. After working with Carla for only 10 weeks, hubby and I are communicating better (less stupid fights and more belly laughing) and connecting deeper (less loneliness and more physical intimacy) than we have in years. I just loved working with Carla! 


Carla Crivaro, Sex, Love & Relationship Coach


I hold workshops and retreats online and in person, with men and women or just groups of women. Topics for workshops and retreats  can range from boundaries, consent in relationships, 'how to touch' parties, women's empowerment, reconditioning your sexuality, Jade Egg and women's sexuality... These are just some examples of the variety of topics in relation to sex, sexuality, love, relationships and women's empowerment. I facilitate and run my own workshops and retreats and I have been asked to facilitate at other people's retreats and workshops too. If you are interested in attending a workshop or retreat either online, in the UK or Europe, please register below with the button 'register now'. If you are interested in me facilitating a workshop or retreat at your location or alongside you either in person or online, please email me at

Rosie Rees from Yoni Pleasure Palace referring to a 'How to Give a Sacred Blowjob' tutorial I did for her membership

Thank you Carla!! That was incredible - the women LOVED it!


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Do you have a question that you would like to ask a certified and trauma-informed Sex, Love & Relationship Coach?

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