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Head With Heart

Empowering self-love and connection through fellatio

An Eight Week Online Course

This is for you if...
  • You lack confidence giving a blowjob

  • You don’t enjoy it and would like to learn to

  • You want to feel more empowered in your sexuality

  • You want to create a deeper connection and intimacy with your partner

  • You want to bring more aliveness and self-love to your own sexuality 

  • You see men as stoic, hard and unemotional

  • Struggle to talk about your desires 

  • Struggle to talk about sex and intimacy

  • You want your sexuality to be a source of inner-power and confidence 

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In this course you will learn...
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  • To bring to your awareness all the conditioning and messages you received about oral sex

  • To meet the part inside you who is sexually empowered and confident 

  • To inhabit that sexy and confident part of you to bring success into every area of your life, such as career and relationships

  • About men’s bodies and anatomy of arousal

  • How to give a penis massage

  • Connect to your authentic likes and dislikes rather than your conditioning and patterns

  • To communicate more confidently around matters of sex

  • The pleasure of exploring another person’s body


Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Experts From Across The Globe

All great things have a great team behind them. 


Introducing you to the main contributors to this course - collaborating with some of the most experienced and top people in their respective fields. These people share their knowledge, personal experience and journeys to educate, inform and inspire you on your own sexual journey to empowerment and in healing your relationship with men

"Many of us have a lot of baggage when it comes to oral sex, I know I certainly did. That is why I am more than happy to contribute to and recommend Carla's course. In addition to suggesting fun and interesting sexual techniques, Carla is focussing on shifting participants' approach to sex. I personally believe that this is where the real transformation takes place. Changing the way you relate to sex and your own sexuality is such a pivotal part of personal and sexual development, which is why I think Carla's course will have a profound impact on the people who participate."

Cam Fraser

“Carla’s Blowjob course teaches women how to shift their mindset around giving pleasure to the men in their life. Women have been historically conditioned into servitude, and then "feminized" out of it -- leaving many women confused with how to relate to many sex acts, especially blowjobs. Carla does an excellent job shifting our perspective and invites us to consider how to touch for our own pleasure. If you've been hesitant to give a blowjob, either because it's "improper" or "below you," this course is for you!”

Angela Dawn

“I jumped at the opportunity to speak as a guest on Carla Crivaro's online course 'Queen of Blowjobs,' as I was particularly impressed with the emphasis on helping participants navigate shame and understand male sexuality and masculinity. Carla's approach is both compassionate and informative, and she provides a safe space for individuals to explore their own sexual identities and experiences. I believe this is a crucial aspect of the course, as shame and stigma can often prevent people from fully enjoying their sexual lives. I have no doubt that through her expertise and guidance, Carla will help the course participants not only develop their skills in oral sex but also cultivate a healthier and more positive relationship with their bodies and their sexuality as well as gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners.”

Mat Wakeham

“I’m so honoured to be a contributor to Carla’s ‘Head With Heart' course. There is so much joy in giving oral pleasure to our partner, as men we have had the privilege of never having been taught to be ashamed of it. This course isn’t just about giving better blowjobs, it’s about women’s right to experience this joy as well without shame or judgement. Everyone deserves to love going down!”

Charles DuBois

"The work that Carla is doing is vital to bring more understanding between men and women. Too often, men sit with men complaining about women, and women sit with women complaining about men. Carla, through her work, is bridging that gap so we can understand each other's desires, fears and needs. And this provides the tools that are needed to create, no only, strongly bonded relationships but also passionate sex lives."

David Chambers

Course Structure

This is a self-study course which can be done at your own pace. Each week a new module is released. You can move through the content as slowly as you like and you are invited to revisit the content as new layers of conditioning and patterns unfold. 


You will be learning how to bring your body back to safety when triggered. Exploring your intentions for joining and understanding what they are moving forward. You will be introduced to somatic work and how the body stores information about our patterns and behaviour.


You will access hidden feelings and thoughts around blowjobs. Words and phrases around blowjobs and your sexuality that have a ‘charge’ for you will be integrated to reduce or overcome them.

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Using parts work to let go of old beliefs and initiate new ones. Learn how to become your Queen Of Blowjobs. The Queen Of Blowjobs is the part of you that feels sexy and sexually self-assured - wear that crown with confidence!


Understanding our cognitive relationship to male genitalia. Learning the male anatomy of pleasure.


Exploring how your body has picked up messaging around male genitalia and ejaculate and learning how to overcome any negative patterns and behaviours.


A somatic approach to consent and boundaries. Creating conversation with your partner around both of your likes and dislikes when it comes to blowjobs.


Learning how to offer pleasure to your partner through guided touch practices. A guided invitation to explore your own curiosity and playfulness with male genitalia, including oral worship.


Learn techniques including deep throating. How to create a sacred container for sexual exploration. Embody your pleasure as your own power.


  • Self-assessment to see your starting point and to revisit your journey and understand your next steps for growth

  • Conversations from men around these topics sharing their relationship to their sexuality, masculinity, bodies, genitals and women

  • Support around emotions and sensation language

  • Video and written explanations of why content has been included and how to do the practices

  • Audio and video practices

  • Journalling prompts

  • Telegram chat - a web based discussion forum to share your learnings, experience and questions

  • Personalised feedback and support via Telegram

  • Opportunity to ‘upgrade’ to an online Zoom Q&A and group coaching (£20 for 1.5 hours, maximum 10 people on the call)

  • Opportunity to have a discounted 1:1 coaching session around the content of the course. A third off my normal coaching - normal investment £150, discounted for this course £100 (T&Cs apply)


I have sexual trauma around giving oral sex, can I do this course?

This course is designed to empower you to step into the pleasure of giving head. IF YOU WANT TO. This is extremely important that I emphasise this. The course is an invitation to explore your sexuality and conditionings around pleasure, sex and blowjobs. To step into your power and pleasure unapologetically. This course is not designed to heal specific traumatic experiences. If you have experienced a specific traumatic event(s) and would like to heal from it, please contact me at to organise a referral to a colleague. Once you have explored the past and you are feeling ready to move forward you may then want to try this course - if you want to!

How long will I have access to the content for?

My commitment is to have the content for a minimum of a year. However my goal is to have it available for as long as I’m doing this work and there is the internet. I prefer to under promise and over deliver.

What if I don’t have a partner to practice with?

You can still go through the partnered content and learn all the different elements and explore them. When you have a partner in the future you will then be in a position to do those practices with them. There is so much content that you can be working on in the meantime around your own sexuality and relationship to men that can be revisited as you remove the layers of conditioning and previous behaviour. When you do have a partner in the future this will be such a beautiful way to honour their body and your blossoming relationship as you will better prepared to understanding them, their relationship to their sexuality, masculinity and body. It will be a great opportunity to begin open communication around sex acts - enabling you both from the start to have healthy means of discussion and expression.

Why do you interview men?

Much of my work with women and in women’s spaces is bridging the gap of misunderstanding between the two sexes. Learning about men’s journeys, their fears and desires has helped me to heal my own personal relationship with men, how I interact with them and also see them as the same as me, with the same wants and needs.

Why isn’t there more information around techniques?

There is A LOT of content out there with tips and tricks for the bedroom and how to give good head, this course isn’t it. This course is about healing your relationship to your own sexuality, your relationship to male genitalia and your relationship to men - when you have an embodied and integrated relationship to all three, THIS is when you begin to fully drop into what it means to experience pleasure and how pleasure can ignite your inner-power.

Why is this course for cis-women only and not for men or non-binary people who want to improve their relationship to oral sex?

I identify as a cis-gender woman and my journey with my sexuality and my relationship to blowjobs is through that lens. My niche is working with women who identify as cis-women and men who identify as cis-men. My training and my personal experiences are what enable me to guide and support people in this way. I understand that having insufficient training and knowledge around the lived trans person’s experience could potentially be damaging to that person and I prefer to work within my scope of practice for the safety of any potential clients. I have a network of colleagues who are much better placed than me to support you if you identity as non-binary or a trans person, so please reach out for referrals at Please see my vision and values for my business.

I’m a man and I want to buy this for my partner, should I get it for her?

I think so many women can benefit from this course and if you feel that you aren’t receiving the love that you deserve around your sexuality and pleasure, it may well be for a variety of issues or concerns that your partner might have. Making the suggestion to her really depends on the relationship you have and how she might take it. What you might like to do instead is explore your sexuality together to start off with. So looking to have more connection and intimacy as a couple. I have a package currently that might be more appropriate for the two of you called Couples: Connection & Intimacy which you can find more information about here.

How does the group coaching and Q&A work?

When there is a minimum number of 5 people interested in a group coaching or Q&A session, I organise a Zoom meeting of up to 1 and a half hours. This is an opportunity to ask questions around the content. Get clarity on anything that isn’t clear. Receive emotional support and also coaching in a group setting. All emotions, experiences, thoughts, feelings are welcomed in the space. The investment for the group coaching and Q&A is £20.

How does the 1:1 coaching work?

If you require further support in the material whether that be understanding further any potential triggers or blockages, or you need space holding as you work through some emotions and realisations of your sexuality, 1:1 coaching is a good option for that. There may be parts of yourself that you are finding difficult to access or understand and would like further guidance and support. Normal investment for coaching is £150 per session but for those who have signed up for the course, they have a discounted investment of £100. You have the opportunity to have up to 2 sessions. They are considered single sessions and not part of my packages. You will need to apply for these sessions within 6 months of joining the course and have completed them within a year of joining the course. These sessions are in relation to the content of the Queen Of Blowjobs course only. Each session is subject to the terms of the Client Agreement which you will need to sign.

What about safer sex?

Your safety in this course is important so please ensure that you explore the risk versus benefits of oral contact with another human being. If you are unsure of the STI status of a partner it is suggested to have testing done for the both of you. Please follow the medical and health guidelines of your country as infection rates and risk vary from country to country. Please take responsibility for your health. I am not a health professional and cannot make recommendations on what you should and should not be doing with regards to your health. All of the content is ‘invitational’ which means you can do as much or as little as you like. Please listen to yourself and your boundaries. 

What’s the purpose of the Telegram chat?

Lots of people have communities on Facebook, however, due to the nature of the content, it is highly likely that due to censorship around sexuality that the group could be shut down or flagged. As a way for you to discuss and share your journey with the other women doing the course, there is a Telegram group chat so that you can share your own experiences. If you don’t want to share your number with others in the chat, then please go to the privacy settings and hide your number. There are community guidelines to using the chat to enable a safer space for people to share.

I already love giving blowjobs, will I benefit from this course?

This course has been designed to support women who would like to explore their sexuality, and who currently lack confidence in giving blowjobs or would like to learn to enjoy them but currently don't. If you love giving blowjobs and get turned on by them, this course is not for you. I currently have another course in the making 'The Sacred Cock' which you may find is more suitable. You can subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to hear when it goes live. Subscribe here.

Do you offer refunds?

Carla Crivaro does not offer refunds for online courses. The information provided is as clear as possible in telling you about the content of the classes and what you will be learning. Carla is committed to delivering you quality information and if you commit to watching all the classes and doing the practices, you will have some profound transformational moments and amazing sex education that will make a real difference in your life.

Will there be nudity?

None of the team will at any point be nude. Some of the material includes images of sexual anatomy. Any nude images, anatomical drawings, descriptions of sexual acts and practices are meant to educate and are not provided for the purpose of arousal. The container is sex positive, so if you do experience arousal it is understood that this is also healthy.

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I'm Interested but I still have more questions...

Join the waiting list and when the course goes live you will be invited to ask questions and learn more about the course. You can join the waiting list here.

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