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The Sacred Cock

For Couples
Begin Your Journey Of
Delicious Sex & Authentic Relationships
This is for men who...
  • Tend to experience performance anxiety

  • May experience one of the following: erectile dysfunction; premature ejaculation; delayed ejaculation

  • Often spend a lot of time 'in their head' during sex rather than being present in the moment

  • May find themselves 'doing' to their partner to avoid 'receiving'

  • Would like to explore how they can experience pleasure in a different way

  • Would like to approach sex differently and explore the possibilities of what else is available

This is for women who...
  • Would like to learn more sexually about the man they are dating or in a relationship with

  • Would like to learn how to create more intimacy with their partner in the bedroom

  • Would like to begin to understand their partner more intimately

  • Would like to add new strokes that can be used in a handjob

  • Would like to support their partner if he is experiencing: erectile dysfunction; premature ejaculation; delayed ejaculation

The Team

Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Experts From Across The Globe

Carla leads the course with communication exercises, an introduction to the male anatomy of pleasure and guiding the woman as she offers a penis massage to her partner. The male coaches share their relationship to their bodies as a means to educate women on the male experience and validate the man in his own journey in exploring his sexuality and relationship to his body.

Course Outline

This is a self-study course which can be done at your own pace. With a total of four modules, two modules are released each week. You can move through the content as lowly as you like and you are invited to revisit the conet as new layers f conditioning and patterns unfold.


You are welcomed to the course and given guidance on how to use it, what the benefits are for couples and for understanding male sexuality and pleasure. You are invited to explore individual and joint intentions through intimate communication exercises designed for you to take your initial steps into vulnerability.


In this module you are invited to explore the male anatomy of pleasure. Understanding the various parts of the male genitalia can, for both men and women, open up the possibility to discover where pleasure can be found in ways not considered or in different capacities. Sex, intimacy and relationship experts share their personal journeys with their own individual relationships to their bodies.


The penis massage is an opportunity for both men and women to remove the goal-oriented sex of erection and ejaculation and to experience what it means to be present in pleasure. The communication exercises accompanying this practice enable both partners to bring awareness to their own conditioning around sex and where they feel limited in their current sexual experiences.


This module invites you to reflect on your journey during this mini-course and how you would like to as individuals or as a couple explore further your sexuality. This module unlocks offers and discounts on my other offerings.

What's Included
  • Conversations from men around these topics sharing their relationship to their bodies and genitals

  • Support around emotions and sensation language

  • Video and written explanations of why content has been included and how to do the practices

  • Audio and video practices

  • Journalling prompts

  • Web-based discussion forum within the course to share your learning, experience and questions

  • Personalised feedback and support via email (limited to 2 replies per couple)

  • Discounts and offers on other courses and programs


How is a penis massage different to a handjob?

A handjob is normally with the intent to get a man erect or get him to orgasm or ejaculate. A penis massage is  about learning to slow down the contact with a man's genitals, taking away the need for a man to 'perform' giving him the opportunity to be in his pleasure and present with whatever is coming up for him without needing to change or be anything different. It can be an extremely healing experience for a couple to interact with a man's genitals from this perspective. The penis massage spends quite some time focusing on strokes while the penis is flaccid to support the couple in relating to a flaccid penis in a positive way instead of there being 'something wrong'. There are many different strokes and ways of touching the penis and genitals that will likely be different for both of you, opening up new approaches to touch.

How long will I have access to the content for?

My commitment is to have the content for a minimum of a year. However my goal is to have it available for as long as I’m doing this work and there is the internet. I prefer to under promise and over deliver.

Why do you interview men?

Much of my work with women and in women’s spaces is bridging the gap of misunderstanding between the two sexes. Learning about men’s journeys, their fears and desires has helped me to heal my own personal relationship with men, how I interact with them and also see them as the same as me, with the same wants and needs. For the men listening to the shares, my hope that it enables them to explore their own relationship to their sexuality, masculinity and their bodies and feel validated in not being the 'only one' who feels like they do.

Will there be nudity?

None of the team will at any point be nude. Some of the material includes images of sexual anatomy. Any nude images, anatomical drawings, descriptions of sexual acts and practices are meant to educate and are not provided for the purpose of arousal. The container is sex positive, so if you do experience arousal it is understood that this is also healthy.

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