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The Father Wound

Build healthier relationships with men

I was an anti-man feminist in my teenage years and early 20s. I was very much at the extreme side of projecting my father wound. It gradually improved over the years but there was still an element of distrust and seeing the worst in men. My nervous system frequently triggered in me an expectation that a man’s ‘good’ behaviour wouldn’t last and it was only a matter of time before he let me down. So it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I attracted in life and relationships men who did exactly that. Working through the Father Wound I have since arrived at a place where I am building solid relationships with men who tell me I’m a place of safety for them and they can trust me. I now see men for their potential rather than what the damage they could cause me. For the men who I sometimes happen across who are less than healthy in their behaviour, I can see their wounded inner-boy, and understand that their behaviour is no longer about men in general or about me. If you are craving a new relationship with men and want to experience safety in their presence, read on…

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This is for women who:

  • Find themselves in the same patterns with men who don’t treat them well or with men who are emasculated

  • Have an internal narrative around men that they may let them down or can’t meet their needs

  • Find themselves in confrontation with men and feel the need to make their presence known, women who attack as a means to defend themselves

  • Are highly critical of men and will unconsciously find themselves defaulting to putting them down or being highly critical

  • Find themselves mothering the men in their lives

  • Don’t have men open up to them about their emotions or feelings and find men to be quite closed and cold in their company

  • See men as ‘takers’ and may feel threatened by a man’s penis or disgusted by his ejaculation



Working together you will be empowered to:

  • Change your narrative around men to build healthy relationships with them

  • Increase your self-love and self-worth

  • Re-parent your inner-child so that she does not project her wounding onto the men in her life

  • Learn to surrender and trust so that the men in your life are empowered to step up to meet you

  • Place boundaries in a loving way

  • Lean into your softness so that men feel safe to open up to you emotionally

  • Be a womanly force from a place of your empowered self instead of a place of fear and projection

  • Change your relationship to sex with men as a place of love and safety

  • Heal past wounds from ex boyfriends and partners so you aren’t carrying old baggage around with you which can be impeding your progress

  • Discover your essence and how to show up authentically


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There is an application process to work with me. Results are important to me so I want to ensure that those who hire me are committed emotionally and with their time. 


Compatibility calls are free. If you would like to try coaching before buying a full package, please reach out and let me know, pay per sessions are available.

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