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Reignite your sexual fire after parenthood

When we become mothers our attention moves to ensuring that our children have everything they need. We lose sight of our own needs and instead focus on the needs of our children primarily but also; those of our partner; those of our friends; those of our family; those of our work or career. We want to be seen as ‘doing the right thing’, ‘perfect’. And if we’re aware of our own childhood wounding and adopt parenting styles like attachment parenting, conscious parenting, gentle parenting, etc we can end up completely self-abandoning. However, this self-abandon is damaging to us as we lose our sense of identity. We are inadvertently teaching our children that it’s OK to not have boundaries and self-love. We are in effect perpetuating a belief system that got us into this worn out overwhelmed state that we currently find ourselves in. Now is the time to break the cycle. To connect with your sexuality and find your sexual fire.

Mother and Baby on Floor

​This is for the mothers who:

  • Feel overwhelmed with day-to-day life

  • Tend to self-abandon and people please so they end up feeling exhausted

  • Feel resentful of other mothers who seem to ‘have it all’

  • Feel disconnected from their partner (if they have one)

  • Have a loss of identity and not sure who they are

  • Struggle to make decisions


Working together you will be empowered to:

  • Feel sexy again

  • Learn to place boundaries 

  • Increase your self-worth and self-esteem

  • Communicate your needs with compassion rather than anger or resentment

  • Feel confident to make decisions in your life and move forward

  • Find your turn on, your desire for yourself, your life and your partner

  • Be radically responsible for yourself and in your relationship with your partner (if you have one/them)

  • Discover your essence and how to show up authentically


Package information and investment can be found in my Compatibility Call Form by clicking 'REIGNITE MY FIRE' below.


There is an application process to work with me. Results are important to me so I want to ensure that those who hire me are committed emotionally and with their time. 

Compatibility calls are free. If you would like to try coaching before buying a full package, please reach out and let me know, pay per sessions are available.

Curious to know your relationship to yourself, other people and your sexuality?

Hit the button below to self-assess your boundaries; relationship to emotions and sex; your desires and many more questions. The form will be emailed out to you once you hit 'submit'.


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