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Slutty Activism Podcast: Oral Sex - Giving For Your Pleasure

In this episode of Slutty Activism Podcast, you’ll hear my juicy conversation with Sarah Martin about all the pleasure available to us when giving oral sex. Sarah is an anti-fascist sex and dating coach who helps horny people get laid ethically using a proven and powerful alternative to pickup artistry, Female Dating Strategy, or other sexist seduction techniques.

When we got together, we went deep on oral.

We talked about how oral sex is a taboo and all of the things society says about people who do it, how this conditioning impacts our ability to actually enjoy giving and receiving oral sex, and how curiosity is the key to accessing pleasure while giving.

Honestly, I loved this conversation with Sarah and did not want it to end!

So, open wide and let’s take a deep throat… I mean, a deep dive on oral sex! I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

(Sarah is currently running a free 5 Day Pleasure Diary Challenge from 1 December to 5 December 2022. The Challenge takes place in her Slutty Activism Community Facebook Group)

Carla Crivaro is a trauma-informed and certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, she works with men and women internationally to reach their goals in delicious sex, profound love and authentic relationships. Carla helps men and women understand themselves and each other, sexually and relationally, in and out of the bedroom. You can reach her at

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Great conversation thanks

Carla Crivaro
Carla Crivaro
Apr 21, 2023
Replying to

You're welcome. I glad you enjoyed it

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